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Termites Are a Serious Problem in Southern Utah and Nevada

There are 55 species of termites in the United States. As a group, they cause more than $750 million in damage each year. Subterranean termites, the kind a termiticide pre-treatment can control, live in colonies that can extend as far as 12 feet down. Worker termites "commute" between the colony and sources of wood fibers and other forms of cellulose in the home. They eat and digest the fibers and then share food with other members of the colony. Workers rarely break the surface of wood and are busy 24 hours a day.




Wood Damage from Termites

Termites in Southern Utah? Check the map you may be surprised!


As the map shows, termites thrive throughout the US. In fact Southern Utah has a heavy concentration of termites.

A new home can become infested with termites even before construction is completed. Since they  established themselves well below the ground's surface, there's no way to know where subterranean termite colonies are located . If a building site is over a colony, worker termites can begin chewing away at the new home as construction progresses. Termites can build mud tunnels over concrete blocks, brick, or treated wood to get to susceptible timbers. They can get through cracks as narrow as 1/64th of an inch in foundations or slabs. Wernex has a solution!

Pre-treatments keep termites out and can make homes more marketable.


The very fact that a home is pre-treated with the latest and most effective  termiticide can make it easier for a new home buyer to obtain financing. HUD, FHA and VA financing all require pre-treatments with termiticides.  For the homeowner, that means better value. Ask your builder if he is pre-treating...pre-treating protects a homes equity.


5 Year Warranty for Subterranean Termites.


Wernex Termite and Pest Control of Southern Utah offers FREE TERMITE INSPECTIONS!

Call today to set an appointment if you think you may be infested with these costly and damaging pests.

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